Johanna & Merlin Hoiseth


'57 Starmist Blue "Betsy"

Here are a couple of pictures, the first taken at the previous owners’ in Arizona & the second (Betsy) taken at our place in Brenham.
Here is a little history & description:

The previous owners, Barbara & John Blair of Carefree, AZ., bought their 1st Bird in 1992 and began a total restoration. Once completed, they became very active in the Arizona TBird club showing & touring their “Betsy” all around the state.  In 2005 at 38,000 miles, they had a complete drive train re-do, upgrading the cooling system, A/C and other refurbishments.  We purchased “Betsy” in January, 2011, it having 49,000 miles and being in excellent condition.  As first time owners who are reliving our times in the ‘50s, we’re enjoying the camaraderie of other TBirders.


In February 2014